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5 Dental Myths That Needs To Be Busted

June 03, 2018

People often have an almost stressful view when it comes to making a visit to the dentist. It’s usually because of the horror stories that they might have heard when it comes to dental care, but they are only myths and not actually facts. A dentist is not someone who wants to invade your private space; the guy is just doing his job. So, it often happens that when faced with the choice of enduring a bad toothache or visiting a dentist, people prefer bearing the toothache and end up taking painkillers for the same rather than diagnosing the problem at hand. It is this anxiety associated with the very term 'dentist' that has escalated 'n' number of dental myths. It's high time to crash them:

  1. The more you brush, the healthier your teeth will be: Brush your teeth twice a day and not more than that. Over brushing your teeth can wear the enamel due to the caustic nature of the tooth-paste. It's enough to rinse them after eating

  2. Teeth whitening are harmful as it can damage the teeth: Bleaching or teeth whitening done professionally will not cause any damage to your teeth, though it might have short term problems like sensitivity.

  3. Consuming more sugary food items, damages your teeth: Sugar is not much beneficial for health, but it’s not the reason for tooth decay. If you are consuming more sugar but also keeping up with a good oral health routine like rinsing your mouth after eating sugary treats and brushing/ flossing your teeth daily which keeps the plaque away and hence no tooth decay.

  4. Electric brushes work more effectively: Manual brushes work just as fine as an electric brush. Brushing is done to stimulate the gums. So, it doesn't matter if you are using an electric one or a manual one, you just need to do it with the proper technique

  5. Removing the wisdom teeth would prevent clustering of teeth: Discarding the wisdom teeth never solves the issue of crowding of teeth, neither will it straighten them.

These myths might just end up being a hindrance in pursuing proper dental care, so develop oral hygiene and smile happily.