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5 Facts Your Dentists Want You To Know

April 30, 2019

These facts are things every patient must know about visiting the dentist, to maintain good dental care and to prevent serious dental problems.

1. Brushing Twice Keeps the Cavity Away - Through proper brushing, the plaques are removed which further leads to cavities. Plaque is a soft and sticky substance which sticks into the teeth from food debris or bacteria. To prevent gum diseases, plaques must be removed. For this, daily flossing will help in removing the plaque between the teeth.

2. Periodontitis (Gum) Affects Overall Health - Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the soft and hard structures that support the teeth. If proper treatment is not received, it can lead to bone loss. It is curable once diagnosed in the early stage of Gum disease i.e Gingivitis. To prevent yourself from Gum disease the best way is to brush your teeth twice regularly along with flossing which will never lead you to Gum diseases.

3. Bad Breath Is a Sign of a Dental Problem - Flossing and along with it brushing your teeth twice regularly can somehow eliminate the bad smell. Approx 85% of the population has this bad breath problem; mouthwashes are only the alternative to mask the bad odor. It doesn't cure the disease. Contact your dentist and cure the problem.

4. Root Canal Is Not Painful - As the name implies, that it, might be the most topsy-turvy process of treatment but in reality, with the advanced technology, the root canal is just like a filling; painless filing into the teeth.

5. Change Your Toothbrush - Bristles of every toothbrush worn out in every 3 months, as a result, it does not clean efficiently. Always rinse your toothbrush with hot water and change it after you have been sick. If dealing with gum diseases, one must change their toothbrush in every 4 to 6 weeks as the bacteria can harbor in the bristles.