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The best prosthodontist in Delhi for Bridges, Crowns, and Dentures

Dentedge Dental Clinic is considered to be the best prosthodontist in Delhi. It provides facilities such as Bridges, Crowns, and Dentures. We provide the best treatment with the help of our trained and skilled dentists. In the event that something deplorable happens to your teeth, it is important to counsel a Prosthodontist, to limit the effect on your whole mouth. Missing teeth can enable the surrounding teeth to be displaced. Broken or harmed teeth ought to be fixed to spare the tooth as much as possible. By dealing with dental issues quickly, you can limit the danger of future complexities.


A Bridge is used to prevent the teeth from moving or shifting in the mouth. A missing tooth that isn't supplanted may cause the surrounding teeth to become unstable and require removal which can lead to change the state of the face and lessen the beauty of a smile. Bridges are everlasting and patients need not remove them. The missing tooth is supplanted with an artificial tooth associated between two crowns (tops), which are permanently solidified on the neighboring teeth.


Dental Crowns are a tooth-molded top which is set on the tooth to re-establish the shape, size, and presence of the tooth. It additionally enhances the quality of the tooth. In the event that the significant piece of the tooth is missing, at that point, the crown is the best answer for it. By putting the crown, a tooth can function ordinarily again with the same efficiency.


Dentures are removable apparatuses which are utilized as a substitution of missing teeth and tissues. They are the artificial teeth that empower the ordinary working of the human mouth. Dentures are of two types – Complete and Partial. Complete dentures are applied when the entire tooth is missing, and partial dentures are applied when some natural tooth is absent. They are uniquely crafted particularly for a lot of teeth and gum line. Complete Dentures fit over the upper teeth and roof and on the lower teeth like a horseshoe. They are regular dentures and are removed amid the night for cleaning. Partial Dentures comprises of replaced missing teeth appended to fake gum associated with a metal system that holds the denture set up. Missing teeth can change the situation of other teeth however partial denture help to defeat this issue and keep the teeth flawless.