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What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants - the most precious gift to humankind from modern dentistry; natural-like teeth look and functions! "Dental implants are really the next best thing to your natural teeth" - People of all ages have huge benefits from them!

Dental implants are the restorative prostheses that are usually the titanium fixtures, screwed into jawbone; mainly working as an anchor, holding a tooth/a set of teeth on it. Following this, they will then hold the crown, bridge or denture a very way that your tooth root would typically grip the natural teeth. Dental implants are highly successful. They are the best alternative for types of bridges and removable partial or full dentures; truly, the most permanent dental solution!

Major Benefits of Dental Implants

Eat BetterSuperb biting force similar to natural teeth - is what you would definitely get with dental implants; very unlike dentures with restricted force; efficient chewing and therefore a better digestion is your improved health too.

Speak BetterDental implants are the most stable prosthesis that would have solid integration with your jawbone - enabling patients to speak confidently without any fear of getting them slipped while in use - to denture wearers, dental implants are certainly a miracle!

Look BetterDental Implants with crowns or bridges fixed within- are the most pleasant oral appearance one would love to see the most; very close to natural teeth. You would get an empty space in your mouth lined up with such beautiful teeth - and an enhanced smile, greatly precious!

Feel BetterFortunately, the dental implant-supported dentures are the real magic. Denture wearers will have them fixed as fabricated with reduced extensions; eliminating extra bulk that they once felt with old dentures. No risk of slipping and sliding with firm stability in your mouth.

Feel ConfidentNow what? With your eating, speaking and smiling abilities being re-active - you would definitely feel quite self-esteemed and would love to visit your society with a lovely smile; all your past fear of wearing the separate dentures will just be lost!