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The Clinic

  • Hygiene & Sterilization
  • Digital x-rays
  • Dental Lasers
  • All disposable items are used once and discarded as bio-medical waste.
  • Non-autoclavable items are cleaned, chemically sterilised and put in UV Chamber.
  • Non-disposable items undergo a vigorous sterilization protocol.
    • They are washed and soaked in ultrasonic cleaner using a chemical sterilant for 15-30mins.
    • Washed and dried and packaged in sterilization pouches
    • These pouches are then autoclaved.
  • Autoclave
    • We use a Type B autoclave, which is a vacuum autoclave. It is the latest model in autoclaves and provides the highest standards in sterilisation of instruments.
  • Dental Chair Hygiene
    • The chair is routinely wiped with a special disinfectant after every patient.
    • Bio system prevents cross contamination which otherwise can occur with back flow of blood and saliva through tubing.
    • Anti retraction valves prevent back flow of blood or saliva through the handpiece (dental drill), which is the most common equipment that comes directly in contact with patients' mouth.
    • These unique features help us maintain a completely germ free, sterile working environment for all our patients.
Digital Dental X-rays
  • The clinic uses AERB certified dental x-ray system
  • The x-ray machine is a DC x-ray unit which in comparison to the traditional machines cause less radiation exposure and generate less harmful radiation.
  • Along with the DC x-ray, we use an RVG which not only gives us a digitised x-ray but also reduces the radiation levels to 1% of that in traditional x-ray systems.
  • Thus you are exposed to 99% less radiation.
  • With our specialized dental software we can view your x-rays immediately, compare them to previous ones, enhance to get a more detailed picture, mail them or give you printouts.
Dental Lasers
  • Kind of laser used – soft tissue
  • Procedures done at dentedge using lasers
  • About our laser specialist/consultant.